This World Alone (working title) will be a feature-length observational documentary following three to four foster kids from small East Texas towns in the months before they age out of the foster care system and during their first year of adulthood. (currently in development)

Every year, approximately 20,000 kids age out of the foster care system in the US. An estimated 20% become homeless and 42% are convicted of a crime. Half are unemployed by age 24, and 71% of young women are pregnant by 21. (Jim Casey Youth Initiative)

All kids face challenges when transitioning into adulthood, but most have a family and support structure that helps guide them along the way. Kids who’ve spent years in the foster system often lack this supportive foundation, and have to make the transition alone.

This World Alone will explore their transition and create a cinematic, immersive, and moving portrait of the teenagers themselves through their own eyes and from their own voices.

Instead of talking-head interviews and outside voices, we’ll follow the kids in their real lives. With their friends, with their foster families. At school, at home, finding work, finding direction. We’ll use an unobtrusive two- to three-person crew so life can unfold in front of the camera naturally.

Most importantly, we want to create the film together alongside the kids. To empathetically share their stories of strength and resilience, and bring attention to the difficulty foster kids face as they transition into adulthood.

If you are interested in helping fund this project or hearing more about it please send me an email.